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Consultant Construction Management Services for Enhanced Stations Initiative (ESI)

As a subconsultant, I.A Engineering, P.C. (IAE) is providing consultant construction management services for the NYCT  Enhanced Stations Initiative (ESI) in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. The ESI focus is on improving the customer experience, the continued responsibility of providing a state of good repair in stations, and development of underlying station aesthetics through design innovation. These enhancements will result in stations that are cleaner and brighter and through the use of more intuitive way-finding and the inclusion of twenty-first century amenities such as Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, which will be easier to navigate. 

IAE is providing field engineering services for communications, electrical, mechanical, and civil/structural disciplines. IAE is also providing project administrator. The scope of work involve repairs or replacements of  platform edges, ADA boarding areas, various architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and communications systems and components including but not limited to stations entrances, stairs, platform floor, columns, MEP system, intrusion and access control, CCTV system, token/agent booth, automatic fare control (AFC), public address and customer information screen (PA/CIS), PSLAN, Wifi, digital screens/dashboard, help-point, and lighting level control system.

Consultant Construction Management Services for ADA Accessibility and Station Improvements at the Westchester Square Station

The focus of the Westchester Square ADA Accessibility and Station Improvements Contract is on providing full vertical ADA accessibility at the station and bringing the station to a state of good repair, including structural steel repairs, platform edge replacements, platform roof canopy replacements, platform windscreen replacements, platform pre-cast panel replacements, rehabilitation of treads, risers, landings and guiderails on interior and street-level staircases and improved floor and wall finishes in the mezzanine and may also include enhancements to the customer experience and aesthetic improvements, including improved lighting, more intuitive wayfinding, the addition of WiFi and cellular connectivity, improved audio and visual announcements via upgraded PA/CIS systems and the incorporation of MTA Arts & Design artwork.

As a subconsultant, I.A Engineering, P.C. (IAE) has been selected to provide construction management support services for the NYCT-CCM Services for the ADA Accessibility and Station Improvements Design-Build Contract at the Westchester Square/East Tremont Ave, the Bronx.

Existing Condition Assessment: PNA and Energy Audit of NYC Housing Authority developments in NYC boroughs

As part of the project team I.A Engineering, P.C. (IAE) provided field condition assessment services for the Physical Needs Assessment (“PNA”) and energy audit, which include, but are not limited to, performing a comprehensive inspection of NYCHA’s portfolio of housing developments and non-residential facilities and providing data collection, analysis, and reporting services associated with the PNA and energy audit.

The building systems and components condition information collected from these physical needs assessments not only facilitates long term maintenance and capital planning, but also is used by NYCHA to comply with federal requirements promulgated by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”).

On the project, assessments are being made of site areas, building envelope (exterior), interior and MEP systems and components. Site inspection includes paved and unpaved surfaces, landscape, site drainage, lighting, playgrounds, street furniture, etc. Building inspections include all exterior and interior components such as façade, roof, stairs, structure, doors, windows and finishes, electrical and mechanical systems. Inspections for electrical systems include, but not limited to, building site and exterior security lighting; communication and security systems including CCTV, intrusion alarms, remote enunciators, panic switches, ultrasonic sensors, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.

Construction Inspection Services for New Commercial and Mixed-use Buildings in NYC Boroughs

As a sub-consultant, I.A Engineering, P.C. (IAE) provided construction inspection services for new residential, commercial and mixed-use multi story buildings in New York City boroughs to ensure safety and quality of work and to verify that work is being performed in accordance with the approved set of drawings and specifications. IAE performed construction inspection, which include but not limited to, of structural members, non-structural members, excavation, preparation of form work before cast-in-place concrete work, cast-in-place concrete work, steel, building foundation, foundation walls, slabs, columns, underpinning, steel rebars installation.

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